Interior of Katz drug store. Kansas City, MO. Circa 1950.


Omnichannel creates a seamless customer experience by providing an optimized content across channels (in-store, desktop, mobile, etc.) at every point in the customer journey.

Omnichannel is characterized by:

  • Using a single view of the customer – data that informs potential interactions.
  • Creating content experiences around the user.
  • Following non-linear, end-to-end user journeys. A user may switch from one channel to the next, or even go backwards in a journey.
  • Seeing the user journey as an evolution with no definitive end and sometimes no beginning.
  • Capturing, as much as possible, the entire customer experience.

Our focus is on how content can support the omnichannel content experience. We’ve created this website to provide you our ideas, approach, and supporting documents. For those interested in implementing an omnichannel approach, here are some key questions to ask yourselves as you read through this website:

  • Is omnichannel for me (or my company)?
  • What’s the best approach for implementing omnichannel content?
  • Do I have the necessary systems in place to make that change?
  • Are there sufficient resources available to produce content to support an omnichannel experience?

Photo: Interior of Katz drug store. Kansas City, MO. Circa 1950.